My name is Sarah, and at age 40 my life was going nowhere fast, and without all the details, it was a mess, beyond my own efforts to make things right.  Well on a trip all by myself, I got saved on a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii on my 40th birthday, through the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy, that held a Sunday Service with the message of salvation and subsequent joy. I began lifelong friends with the group and especially the couple that prayed with me that day and led me to the Lord.  The first 5 years of my salvation were miserable, as God began to destroy “everything which My Heavenly Father had not planted”, but I emerged definitely a new creature in Christ, and grew to have a special love for His word and truth.  So for quite a number of years have done Scriptures in many ways and shared into many ministries. This blog is a way to share the Word with many of you, and it is truly with joy that I will post each day a new Scripture with many of my own photographs and artwork.  I hope each of you find blessing in the post, and can feel free to share it with others. Am grateful for the opportunity and the special joy that I have. to share the word of God with others.  I am now 70 years old, so for 30 years have been a Christian.  Tho i started late in life with God, it made no difference.  Salvation and divine change are very real for me!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thirty years ago you began a beautiful walk with God the father and have never stopped.
    I loved reading your words, I feel apart of the celebration. Your message to all is an
    prayer we all seek.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. God was bringing you into His kingdom 30 years ago, seeing all the wonderful blessings you would bring to others. I am just one of those many recipients. You have touch my life in such a way that I cannot put into words. Your gifts as an artist shine His glorious light in a dark world.

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